The configuration file

The configuration file serves to both establish your settings and preferences and be a sort of autoloader for the system. When you include the configuration file, it will set your settings and load all the different classes of the system and initialize it.


The various settings you can use here are universal throughout the system and is your one stop for settings, you won't have to change anything inside the classes in the actual code.

MySQL settings

These settings are used to connect to your MySQL database and is used in most methods and is run in a construction of a PDO object everytime the UserSystem is initialized.

URL settings

These settings are used in displaying links to your users, setting cookies for your site, and can be used by you in your code avoiding hard links to the UserSystem location.

Extra settings

These settings are for extra features that aren't even required to be changed for the system to work just as you'd like

The following settings are only even necessary if you turned on the previous setting.


Once your settings are all set, the file then includes the 3 parts of the UserSystem: Utils (base functions for the system), Database (the database functions for the system), and UserSystem (all the other functions for users) and (unless you're currently running tests with the system) starts an instance of the UserSystem in the $UserSystem variable using all your default options.